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About our sculptures

Our driftwood sculptures are the 4000 year old "semi-fossilised" relics of trees that grew in the ancient Caledonian forests. They are gathered from remote and beautiful parts of the Scottish Highlands and make a unique and stunning addition to any home or garden.

The form of these ancient roots and branches evoke the elemental forces that have also sculpted the Scottish landscape. Beaten by waves, pounded by rain and bleached by the sun, our driftwood is shaped into forms not possible through human workmanship.

Each piece is totally unique and represents nature's interpretation of sculpture. The twisted form of the wood, the grain and the knots contribute to their visual and tactile enjoyment. Most pieces can be described as abstract but some are reminiscent of animals or plants. Part of their aesthetic appeal is that everyone views them in their own individual way.

Garden sculpture

How are our sculptures formed?

Each driftwood sculpture is a unique piece of Scotland’s natural heritage. The sculptures are formed from trees that grew over 4000 years ago in the ancient Caledonian Forest. The areas from which they are collected currently have no trees. The sculptures are tree roots and stumps that have been preserved in peat, from which they have been washed naturally into freshwater lochs. Decades of exposure to waves, rain and sun have produced the smoothed natural forms which are selected for their intricacy and form.

Where do our sculptures come from


Our driftwood sculptures are gathered from a small number of remote and inaccessible Scottish lochs under licence from the landowners.

Because our sculptures come from landlocked, freshwater lochs we can be certain that our driftwood comes from trees that were grown only in Scotland. From the position of these lochs our sculptures can be dated as 4000 years old. Research has shown that they grew during a 500 year period, when a climate change event led to a temporary expansion of the range of the Caledonian forest, from which it then receded after the natural reversal of this climatic event.

We are proud of the provenance of our sculptures and provide a Certificate of Authenticity with each piece.

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